About the artist

Adam Gill is originally from the West Country of the England and now lives in Hong Kong. His main instruments are piano and classical flute. Currently Adam is working on a number of compositions simultaneously - varying from solo piano to jazz fusion including elements of Latin, Orchestral, and a variety of other flavors from around the world during his travels. The solo piano compositions are largely improvisatory in nature. The more complex jazz and orchestral compositions are being written with the final aim of being put to video and similar media. The style of music is mainly improvisatory with interesting chord structures, with emphasis on the bass and free flowing melody and the chords sometimes follow conventional jazz and harmonic sequences, but the artist tries to extend the boundaries to see what he can get away with, and what the listener will tolerate. The compositional skills are largely self taught, and since Adam has been writing music from an early age, he has many finished and unfinished compositions that are awaiting to to be completed or finalized. Also there are many new ideas and concepts that require development.